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The following educational links are provided for the breadth of their relevance as background information about cannabis and the medical science behind marijuana.


  • Beyond THC, an MMJ institution (dba/O’Shaughnessey On-line):  this was one of the first publications representing cannabis science in the service of clinical medicine. Originally, this publication was named after Dr.  O’Shaughnessey, the first MD to prescribe MMJ in the 19th century.

  • The International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines, (primary research newsletter and Website).

  • Granny Storm Crow’s List for July 2016, is her 3300 page compilation of links to positive annecdotal and peer-reviewed studies showing both safety and efficacy for cannabis use.  As Granny says, quoting her grandfather: “If the Truth Won’t Do, then Something is Wrong!” 

… and for Granny’s PDF links (2016):!AkiTiWAuHrKLbx7-n63PHKx_T9I

[Granny has] “put the List on the cloud! Click the link to download the new 2016 Granny Storm Crow’s List! “Just opening the link will show you the List, but you will need to download it to access the very useful Navigation Index. Click the “Bookmark” icon if it doesn’t automatically show up. No more scrolling “forever” to get to that study you want! It may take a minute or so
to download- it’s over 3,300 pages! 

“The first section of the List is over 475 pages of links to news articles, so you won’t need a PhD to use the List. Reading a news article about something first, really makes understanding the actual medical study much easier! 

“The second section is devoted to the more recent medical studies and articles from 2010 to the beginning of August 2016. For people seriously looking into cannabis and the cannabinoids, this will likely be the most useful section for a lot of you. 

“Further down are the older studies that go into detail about some of the basic questions (how long to hold a hit, storage of cannabis, effects on hormone levels, etc). The older studies also tend to be easier to understand, so they are a good place to begin your education.”   —  Granny Storm Crow

… and for Granny’s PDF links (2013, 2014): and 





Please send YOUR suggestions for additions to the LINKS pages — especially those reflecting issues that are connected to marijuana legislation.

  • Scientific, peer reviewed studies.
  • Media coverage of issues in cannabis science
  • Educational links to information about cannabis science.


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