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3.0.0 CMAP™ Compilation (Appendix B)

This compilation is initially an outline of some topics and areas of research or media coverage that we suggest for evaluation using the CMAP Checklist. This compilation will continue to expand.

You may wish to add topics or comment on specific subjects that are suggested below for retrospective, critical analysis or prospective research.

To be used with The CMAP Checklist (Appendix A), this CMAP Compilation (Appendix B) is part of the Cannabis Map™ (CMAP) Guide.  When used together they offer a methodology for critical analysis and research design that uses a Cannabis Multi-Analysis Process™ (CMAP).

Recent in-the-news studies will be subjected to retrospective analysis. Those studies that exhibit prohibitionist bias will be singled out for criticism. Calls for retraction may be made for faulty studies published in peer-reviewed journals.

Media coverage of studies based on misinformation or bias in interpretation of study results will be met with calls for correction.

Prospective studies using CMAP are expected to be inspired by a combination of input from the medical, scientific, and cannabis communities and the press.


Granny Storm Crow’s List is a pro-Cannabis compilation with abundant published studies and anecdotal material appropriate for formal scientific research using the CMAP Checklist.

Also of note is the primary research Web site and newsletter from the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines at

3.1.0 Psychophysiology – mind/body

3.1.1 Mind-Body and Behavior DUI research re MMJ states have lower death rates (from auto accidents and suicide?)
3.1.1 .1.1 Alcohol vs MJ effect on motor skills, aggressiveness

3.1.2 PTSD

3.1.3 Psychoactivity Adolescent brain development MRI/PET scans show brain changes – what were they? Were they reflecting the individual’s morphology? Why is new neural growth considered problematic? Confounding factors include hx of tobacco use, alcohol Mental illness.  Does MJ cause or reduce mental illness (anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, a-motivational disorder?

3.1.4 Memory.  Does MJ help to prevent Alzheimers’ syndrome vs. impair memory?

3.2.0 Body
3.2.1 Multiple Sclerosis Sativex vs. inhaled, smoked flowers

3.2.2 Cancer Palliative Prevention and Causation controversy Cure

3.2.3 Skin Aging Rosacea – LW note topical company at WOW and testimonial by patient abrasions and burns

3.2.4 Eyes Glaucoma – see Whoopi blog at Denver Post’s “Cannabist”

3.2.5 MRSA management

3.2.6 Arthritis: rheumatoid vs. osteoarthritis What was the method of administration?

3.2.7 Gastrointestinal IBS/motility Inflammatory GI disease such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s; anything on hemorrhoids? Glucose – diabetes

3.2.8 Vital Signs/Cardiac Issues

3.2.9 Opioid use reduction for pain management – note overdose and accidental addiction issues

3.3.0 Wellness/well being vs. pathology/treatment model

3.4.0 Nutrition – is cannabis a food?  does cannabis satisfy certain nutritional requirements?

Table of Contents     Introduction     Checklist     Compilation List
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 beta version

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