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CMAP Community Blog

For our community’s public commentary and suggestions for research topics, scientific review of literature and media coverage of science using the methodology of the CMAP Guide.

Blog replies will be moderated by the editors, but not significantly vetted or verified.

1. Contact us if you would like to submit a guest blog.

2. Please also use reply below to submit your comments and suggestions.

3. Add your analytical insights to the blog replies below to add to our understanding of cannabis science using relevant sections of the CMAP Guide where useful.


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CMAP Patient Stories

For sharing patient stories and selected annecdotal, but persuasive, empirical inspiration  behind the science.

Please submit your comments and suggestions for PATIENT STORIES TO INSPIRE RESEARCH PROJECTS that deepen the heart’s understanding of cannabis science.

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CMAP Talking Points

For suggested persuasive arguments and educational points for discussion that may be helpful in winning friends on various cannabis science issues.

Please submit comments and suggestions for “Talking Points” on relevant subjects
that will help to build friends for better cannabis science and education.

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